My God Given Birthday Gift!

Hello All,

On September 24th, I will celebrate my birthday. That may not mean much to you however, this year I have learned that any day new life is born is a good day to celebrate! Learned you say.

Yes, indeed. Until a few weeks ago, I was not really planning to celebrate my birthday. Frankly, I am tired and had visions of sleeping for a few days while someone/ anyone else took over my responsibilities. That was all the birthday celebrating I needed. Here is why.

My writing and speaking has grown steadily while my children have grown in huge spurts. My bank account experienced deposits while my heart for you has been overdrawn by your sad stories and marriage challenges. My day time filled with volunteer service while the work God has assigned piled high on my desk. The Holy Spirit whispered "Lisa, hear the Word of the Lord" while my husband shouted "You don't listen".

In my tired state, slumped over in my comfy chair, I prayed. Why? That is what good Christian women do. I prayed for peace, rest, and clarity. Through a series of amazing events, conversations, and chastening, God answered.

He revealed truth. I was not serving with same diligence. He was birthing new life with more book signings, support calls, and other good work. He was creating my reasons to celebrate. through this growth process my attitude and actions were realigned with God's will. It's my birthday and God loves me!
What a great reason to celebrate.

Hebrews 12:6-11New King James Version (NKJV) reads:
For whom the Lord loves He chastens,and scourges every son whom He receives.” If you endure chastening, God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom a father does not chasten?  But if you are without chastening, of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate and not sons.

I have learned that in our zeal for using our gifts, operating in our calling, and working for the Church, we often slip off track. We settle into complacency and frequently allow the needs of people to dictate our decisions. The funny thing about being married is that God will use your husband to warn you. Has your husband been calling to you?  Are you really listening?

Once you get tired enough to pray, God delights in turning things around.

Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. Hebrews 12:11 NKJV

Another year older and I have grown in new ways. Help me celebrate.

Wives On Purpose Support Calls. Don't let your married friends suffer any longer when you know I am here. Bring them with you and get on these life changing calls. There is no other place where you can speak freely in a place without judgment. Share your deepest feelings and get wisdom from God's chosen women to guide your thoughts and actions. I am a master group facilitator. You will be so glad you came. The hardest thing about these calls is deciding to let go of pride or fear or other excuses to dial in. Enjoy new reasons to celebrate and ask me what I did for this birthday.
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I am also happy to invite you to my online workshop.
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Well, September 24th is coming soon. The Wives On Purpose and a weekend alone with my husband are my very best gifts. I luv you all and thanks for sharing life with me.

Who would have thought that being tired could lead to making my birthday.... Happy!

Ministering to your marriage,



Wives Head Back to School!

For many of us wives who are also mothers, back to school is a wonderful time of year. We are proud to send our children to a new level of learning coupled with new expectations of character growth and blessing from God. We even brace ourselves for new challenges. This school year has been all of that for me.

I wonder... if it has occurred to you that God gives our marriage relationship new school years too. If we stay married long enough there will be times when we are forced to grow to new levels of learning. We must learn new things about our spouse or find new ways to cope with difficult circumstances. We must adopt new expectations attached to the ways we receive love from our husbands. Back to school for marriage may include lessons on resolving conflict, handling finances, and even child rearing can be used to test our ability to live godly "til death do we part."

But what about bracing ourselves for new marital challenges? Do you look forward to that part of any new marriage year? Do you treat new learning years in marriage the same as you do new school years for your children? I suggest you do and look to God who offers ways to make it easy.

Let me take you on a quick back to Wife School shopping trip.

1) Invest heavily in new clothes. Designed by Colossians Chapter 3, load your shopping bag with tenderness. This comes in soft tone of voice, smiles on your face, even gentle kisses when you don't feel like it.

2) Next stop by the shoe section and try on humility. Now these are hard to walk in but buy them anyway. If you wear them every day they will become the most comfortable shoes for walking in love with your husband this year.

3) Finally I say, use the coupon code and get forgiveness. You won't take it at regular price because you don't think you will need it. Get it anyway. It is good for all matters you will study this year with your husband. 

My book Wife School, Using God's Word to Build a Stronger Marriage offers more tips and lessons on how to prepare your marriage for new growth. You really can go back to school for marriage!

If you want a personal connection and the help of a study group join me each month for
Wives On Purpose Support Calls. Married women gather to pray, solve common problems in marriage, and encourage one another to stay close to God and their husbands. Join the call with your gift of any amount.

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  • First call is Saturday 9/13/14 at 7:00am. 
In the mean time, I hope your back to school season is a great one. Every new marriage year is an opportunity for God to impact our character, family, business, community, Church and the world!

Luv you much!


The Gift Of Marriage Support

Being a bride is easy but to be a suitable helper you must be purposeful.

Since 2005, I have created a safe place for wives to gather, discuss common marital issues, and learn biblical principles for dealing with them. Wives all over the country have found support, encouragement, and refreshment in these small group gatherings.

New This Fall, I am hosting Wives On Purpose Support Calls!  

Join me Saturday 9/13/14 early at 7:00am for informal wife talk sessions. The call will last 45 minutes and cover specific topics, raise questions, share ideas, pray, and build a thriving community of godly wives! 

Pay whatever the call is worth to you. 

I will use all funds collected from these calls as a gift for me to do nice things for my marriage. This is your opportunity to give back some of the support you are given through Wives On Purpose. I am excited to make these calls available. 

You must register to participate and space is limited. Dial in information will be provided with all gift registrations.

Tell your friends Wives On Purpose is still ministering to marriages one wife at a time.
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Not matter what


I thank God for your marriage stories. I hear the heaviness in your voice and I have been in the places so many of you are living especially those living in financial lack. You spend hours each day worrying about hod you will make it. I got it!

Please accept this video as my heart sharing with your heart just how I have learned to deal with the hardest trials.

Let your testimony be from this day forward....

No matter what, I never lost.... my hope, my joy, my faith, and most of all..... 

I never lost my praise! 

Want to live as a Wife On Purpose? 

I am happy to teach you what I know. Click here.  

Staying in God's presence "On Purpose",
Lisa Ellis Williams  


Where is God when you pray?

Dear Wives,

This morning I saw a woman. She was in a large room with many other people. She lifted her hands to give God praise with elbows slightly bent and head slightly bowed. As her words reached my ear so I began to pray for her.  I could see that she was in the right posture but, something was missing. 

I prayed for the Holy Spirit to move in her heart and for God to show up for this woman. I have seen so many who look just like her.  

Slowly this woman moved. Her head fell to her chest and her knees to the ground. Tears rolled down her face but, she didn't wipe them away. Her eyes were tightly shut. She was still in the room as I witnessed God answer my prayers for her. Before my very eyes, she laid face down in the floor!

I continued to stare as she sobbed. I prayed again that she would know God in a very personal way.

I could hear her softly uttering words that I could not understand but I knew that God did.

This once tall stately looking woman looked broken. She was exposed in that room. She had gone from standing to laying down on the floor. I stepped back far enough to see the alter with her body before it. Right before my very eyes she had presented herself  as a living sacrifice taken a posture of worship. God was here! 

Ladies, this was a moving picture brought to my mind as I prayed for each of YOU!  

Believe it or not, I pray for you and your marriage success. I want you to stay married because you have learned to live married God's way so I seek His help to lead you.

The only way I know to heal broken hearts and marriages is to take them to God. Every lesson I teach in Wife School or any where else will take you to God. Every coaching call or talk at a Church will be about how to get to God. This is how my marriage was saved and how it thrives right now every single day.

Ladies, my gift is the voice telling you and teaching you to learn to put God first in your life and marriage. I am here to help you but you must go into that room, become a living sacrifice, and worship God!

When you enter that room On Purpose, you will find (like I do) that ....

He is here    

Be blessed as you pray.

Staying On Purpose,

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